The Back-To-School Auto Maintenance Primer

Back-to-school shopping usually involves purchasing clothes and books. What about car maintenance though? College-age students need a reliable car. So do parents who take their young ones back-and-forth to school. Investing in back-to-school car prep wouldn't hurt. Doing so may eliminate tons of problems.

A smart, necessary step involves reading through the owner's manual. All the common maintenance suggestions appear next to the mileage point indicated "service due." Be sure to get the preventive maintenance work done. Otherwise, significant mechanical problems may occur. Take the extra step to ask a mechanic to perform an inspection. This way, issues hidden won't stay hidden.

Take a little time to organize the car. You can't read the owner's manual if you can't find it. And clean out the trunk. A messy trunk makes checking on spare tires, jumper cables, and more difficult.

The back-to-school season becomes hectic. Make things less complicated by visiting Honda of Tysons Corner and allowing our mechanics to perform any routine maintenance work.



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