The Alternator is Your Vehicle's Power Plant

Your battery powers your car's electrical system, right? Think again. The electrical power in your vehicle actually comes from the alternator. What an alternator is, essentially, is a power generator. When it fails, your vehicle won't start. That's why people sometimes confuse alternator problems with battery problems.

Your vehicle's alternator will give off signals that something isn't quite right. Signs such as lights that aren't as bright as they used to be or an instrument panel that begins to malfunction are indicators. If you think you smell burning rubber or hear a screeching or whining sound from the engine, those are other signs.

Whenever you think you have a problem with your vehicle's alternator, bring it into the service department at Honda of Tysons Corner. Our staff will be happy to check it out, repair it if necessary, and get you back on the roads as soon as possible.



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