Your Tires: Do They Need to be Replaced?

You don’t want to wait until you are stranded when you realize that your tires need to be replaced. There are a few tips to help you. Experts will often say that you should replace tires when the remaining tread depth is at 4/32".

You could use a tire depth gauge in order to read how much tread you have left. You may also be able to perform a visual inspection. If there aren’t sufficient grooves any longer, you likely don’t have enough tread left. Additionally, you can look for cracks along the sidewalls of the tires as well as the overall age.

If you suspect that you need your tires replaced in Vienna, VA, it’s important to have a service technician look at them. You can then find out how much life you have left on your tires. Schedule an appointment with our auto service center at Honda of Tysons Corner today.

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