How to Get a Jump Start on Your Adventures

It happens: You have places to go and things to do, but your car just will not start. Follow this simple guide from our Honda service team to safely jump start one car with the help of another. Remember that it's important to be sure to have safety goggles and work gloves so you don't get injured!

  • Bring the running car to the front of the car needing to be jumped.
  • Turn off the car lights, turn off the ignition, and open the hood for both cars.
  • Jumper cables have two red and black clamps; red is positive and black is negative.
  • Clamp the red end to the good battery first, then the bad battery.
  • Clamp the black end to the good battery, then the other end is to be clamped securely to metal on the car.
  • Start the car, and make sure to rev the engine a few times. Keep doing so for two minutes. Now the car battery should have enough power to crank over.
  • Remove all cables in the opposite order.

If you get the car running, come to Honda of Tysons Corner right here in Vienna, VA and we can inspect or replace your battery.

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