Tips for Reducing Incidents of Distracted Driving

With the number of distracted drivers on the road these days, you need to do everything possible in your vehicle to reduce these accidents on the road. Here are a few things that the Honda of Tysons Corner team hopes that you will consider before driving your car.

Before you roll down the highway, take the time to make any adjustments that you'll need to worry about later. This means that you'll need to adjust the mirrors, make sure the seat is in the right position and set the GPS system. The more you can do in your driveway, the less it will lead to distracted driving.

Stop using the mirror in the car as your own vanity mirror. That mirror should be used to monitor how close other cars are getting, not for applying makeup, combing your beard, or anything else. A few minutes of extra prep at home can impact your safety and the safety of others on the roads.

We have plenty of cars you can test drive packed with safety features for reducing distracted driving incidents. Come and explore our inventory of Honda cars for sale today!



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