What is a Differential?

Most people know to check their oil now and then, but what about other parts of the car that require oil maintenance? Did you know that your car axles need something called differential oil? You may have heard this phrase before with your service adviser when they say, "It’s time to check the differential oil levels." Just like the oil for your engine, axles need differential oil to make them rotate smoothly.

A differential is located in different places depending on the drive train of your vehicle. For front-wheel drive, you’ll find the differential with the front axle, but it’s the opposite for rear axles. For those with all-wheel drive, you’ll always have differentials on both axles, as well as an additional one in some cases.

Differentials help your axles keep a consistent speed even as you speed up or take turns, where the inside wheel is slower than the outside wheel. Want to get your differential checked? Stop by Honda of Tysons Corner for a checkup.



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