How to Maintain Tire Tread in Your Vehicle

Your Honda SUV or car takes you from home to work and all the other destinations you frequent. You need tires with the correct amount of tread depth in order to travel safely. What is tire tread depth? The depth refers to the amount of space between the deepest part of the tread pattern and the surface of your tire. Those little lines and grooves in each tire serve as indicators of tread. When you travel over a wet surface, the tread grooves help to push away water from your tires. Adequate tread helps you to avoid some instances of hydroplaning.

When you have shallow tread depth, you may not be able to stop your vehicle as fast as you're accustomed to. Not only does this put you and other motorists at risk of a collision, but it also affects your performance.

Here at Honda of Tysons Corner, we recommend regular tire inspections for Vienna, VA motorists. You'll occasionally need to replace your tires, but if you schedule regular tire rotations and inspections, you may be able to extend the use of your tires. Let our Honda service professionals check your tire tread today!

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