Do You Have a Brake Light on in Your Vehicle?

Your brakes help you to stop your Honda car or SUV when you need to, and as such, they serve an important function for your safety. While it's true that adequate brakes can help your overall performance, the condition that they are in also determines your safety. That's why you should always seek immediate brake repair assistance when one of your dashboard brake indicators illuminates. What could the warning light mean? Let's take note of some common brake warnings:

  • Low levels of brake fluid
  • Leak of brake fluid
  • Brake line damage
  • Time for a brake pad replacement

Keep in mind that your warning lights are set to illuminate when a problem may exist with your vehicle. As such, you should seek immediate attention if one of your brake icons lights up. You can come to the Honda repair facility here at Honda of Tysons Corner for a brief inspection and service. We'll be happy to get you back on the road with new or maintained brakes.

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